Hey guys, 

Today I recovered a clipboard, and it went well, so I shall post about it.  😛

It was really easy, once I removed the paper that was previously covering it.  First, I covered it with a piece of cardstock.  It is a bit hard to see with the bad picture, but I did have to glue an extra sliver on the left side.  However, I did not bother to do the very top.

Then I did the same on the back, though I covered the whole thing.

Next, I covered it in contact paper.  I didn’t have a big enough piece, so I did have to piece it together a bit.

And some gold washitape on the bottom…

…and on the clip.  I traced the shape on the tape, then cut it out and used Mod Podge to glue then on.

And that’s it!

I hope you guys like it!


After reading through this post, I realized that I am writing a little more formally.  I never use the word ‘shall.’  It’s because I’m reading a book set in the midevil times, and the more formal language is starting to make an impression! 😉


3 thoughts on “Clipboard

  1. Homeschooled Girls says:

    Im glad you like it, unfortunately the only way I communicate with my readers is through the comments. Sorry!


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