Salted Caramel Sauce

Hi guys,

Today I have a salted caramel sauce, and it is really good!  I’ve made it twice, and it has turned out great both times.  It’s pretty easy, too.

You can find the recipe and instructions here.

To start, I would lay out all your ingredients.  That way you can keep stirring so it doesn’t burn as easily.

First, the sugar.  Melt it on medium heat; it will form clumps then slowly melt.  Keep stirrng it!  You don’t want it to stick to your pan, ’cause that’s a huge pain!

The pictures aren’t very good, but you get the idea…

Next comes the butter.  I put the cubes in one at a time so there wouldn’t be too much splattering.  Like the recipe said, I used a whisk to try to mix the butter in with the sugar.

After the butter is completely melted and fairly well mixed into the sugar, add the cream.  I will warn you, you will want a spoon with a long handle!  It splattered a bit and the steam was quite hot.  However at that point I had already put my wooden spoon in the sink and did not feel like washing it and I didn’t want to burn, so I had to suck it up.  This picture is a little after the splattering had lessened.

Let it boil for about one minute, then add the salt and remove from the heat.  I (very messily) poured mine into a jar to cool.

There you have it!  Yummy salted caramel sauce!  In my next post, I’ll have how I used it, other than on top of ice cream, of course!



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