Binder Decorating!

Hi friends! It is that time again. School is about to start. Some of my friends are starting in only six days! This summer has passed so quickly. Sigh.

Anyway, school starting means that I have to gather all the binders and notebooks I am going to use. I found this plain brown binder and started looking for some cute ideas. I found one with mountains and snow, and I tried it, but it looked like the ocean with white islands scattered everywhere. So I decided to try a similar idea. Layers of mountains.

With my darkest color of paper, and a nice template I found on the internet, I cut an obvious mountain shape with more defined ups and downs than the other ones. (If that makes any sense.) I didnt get a picture of that layer on its own before I glued the second layer to it, but here is a picture.

The second layer (the lavender one) is less “jagged” than the dark layer. The further away each layer is, the less defined it is.

Now the third layer. I dont really like the color of this one, but I didn’t really have any other options. This one was pretty straight accross the top. Then I glued that one behind the others.

I wrote a quote accross the top. (More like traced, since I used stencils)

And glued the mountains on!

And thats it!



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