Sprocket Pillow: Fabric Scraps Part 3


Today I’ve got the cutest little pillow for you guys!  It took some time, but was easy and worth it.  I love how it turned out.  The website I got it from is Cluck Cluck Sew and she has a template on her post Sprocket Pillows Tutorial.  Her tutorial is fabulous, so I definitely recommend checking it out!



  • Fabric scraps
  • A semi large button
  • Stuffing


  1.  Using the template from the website above, cut out twelve triangles.  Lay them out in the order you would like facing right side up.  As you can see in the first picture, I did not.  Just don’t do what I did and you will be fine.  (Top left picture.)
  2. Sew two triangles together.  Do that to all the pieces.  (Picture in the bottom left corner.)
  3. Sew two of the pairs together so now you have three sections of four.  (Middle picture).
  4. Sew the three sections together so they are all joined in a circle.  (Right picture.)

5.  Iron the seams on the back down so they lay nicely.

6.  Cut out a circle the same size as the front for the back.

7.  Cut a strip of fabric about 43 inches long. (That measurement is for the small pillow.  If you use the big pillow on Cluck Cluck Sew, you will have to check the measurement.)  I made mine two and a half inches wide instead of five, like the original blog post said.

8.  Sew the long strip to the front of the pillow.  This one was a little hard for me to visualize, but it works out okay.


9. Sew the back on like you did the front.  The pillow should be inside out.  (Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture.)    Make sure to leave an opening for stuffing.

10.  Turn right side out and stuff.  Close the hole.

11.  Sew your button into the middle of your pillow, pulling your needle through the back of your pillow so it is gathered.  This picture will help explain.



There you go!  I love this project, and I hope you enjoy it, too!  I made a second pillow, that I also love.





Bows, Rose, and Bracelet: Fabric Scraps Part 2

Hi guys,

I have a pair of jeans with a hole in the knee, so I’ve been looking for some good crafts to use them for.  So today I’ve got three denim crafts: the cutest little bow, a 3D rose, and a bracelet!  I made mine out of denim, but you could use any heavy fabric.


Fabric Bow:

So, here are the pieces I cut out.  They’re about the right shape…

Fold each side of the first piece over so the ends meet in the middle.

Place in the middle of the bottom piece and use a dot of hot glue to attach them.

Wrap the middle around and glue in the back.

And here’s the finished product!



Cut a circle however big you want.  I think the bigger it is, the easier.  Make the edges all wavy.


Cut your circle in a spiral, still making the edges wavy.  Now you will have a long strip.IMG_2504

Starting at the edge of the spiral, wrap it around a skewer while keeping the bottom edge level with itself.IMG_2501

Once you are to the middle of the spiral, glue the end to the bottom like this.




That one is done!




1.  Cut off the seam of the leg of an old pair of jeans.  Make it however long you want depending on how many times you want it to wrap around your wrist.

2.  I recommend running a few stitches over the ends so it doesn’t fray to much.

3.  Sew a clasp onto the ends.


4.  Sew some sort of decoration onto it.  I’ve seen some with seed beads, sequins, and buttons, but I chose to use a flower from one of my previous posts.


There you go!

I hope you guys like them, I had a lot of fun making them!


Fabric Flower: Fabric Scraps Part 1


I have a few things I’ve made recently out of fabric scraps, and this one is super cute and easy!

  • Button
  • Fabric scraps of various colors
  • Needle and Thread

Using your button as a guide, cut a circle slightly bigger than it.

Continue making circles, each slightly bigger than the one before, until your flower is as big as you want.

Sew the button in the middle to finish it off.

Isn’t it cute?  Have fun with this one!


Super Simple Queen of Hearts Costume

Hello all,

Last week, I went to a little Halloween party, and needed to come up with a costume.  To be honest, I really don’t care for costumes, so I put it off until one week before, and then I realized that I was going to have to do something about it.  Of course, Pinterest to the rescue!  It took some searching, but I finally decided on Queen of Hearts, from Alice in Wonderland.  The only thing I didn’t have on hand was the skirt, so it was SUPER easy to put together.  Seriously, I made it all the day before, and I got all my school done, which wasn’t much, and was at band practice for about an hour and a half.  It was THAT kind of easy.


Here’s how I made the skirt:


  • Waistband.  It’s probably cheaper to use ribbon, but I used some pretty thick elastic that worked well.  Two yards should be enough, though if you want to use ribbon so you have a bow in the back, you should get a bit more.
  • 1 100 yard roll of white tulle with a 6 inch width.  You might be able to get away with a 50 yard roll, cause I have a lot left, but I don’t know for sure.
  • 1 50 yard roll of red tulle, same width as the white.  I had about a yard extra, so that was cutting it close.
  • 1 50 yard roll of black tulle, same width as the other colors.
  • 1 sheet of red paper.  I used cardstock.
  • A bit of hot glue.

Alright, now how to make the skirt, since I use elastic for my waistband, here is how I did it.

First, I measured it around my waist, and added about an inch extra.imageThen I sewed in down, letting it overlap quite a bit, since I had the extra inch.


Here here is the tulle!  I got it in the wedding section. (Bad picture, I know.)


Here is the wrapper on the white roll.


I cut each piece a yard long, so my skirt wold end up right about my knees.  They don’t have to be cut perfectly, as long as the ends are even after they are tied onto the waistband!

imageI tied each piece of tulle in a double knot around the waistband.

And here are several of them tied on!


Afterwards, I hot glued some red paper hearts onto the front, too.

Here is my full outfit!  I had black leggings and shirt, with a red tank top.  I painted my nails red, just for something simple, and curled my hair.  I kind of wish I had made a crown, but it was still fine without it!


It’s a bit messy because I was just sitting down.

Well, hope you like it!


Arm Knitting


This is a really cool knitting project.  It’s called arm knitting! I found this a few years ago, and I love it! It’s super easy, once you get the hang of it!  Here’s the video I used to get started:

I made the infinity scarf she made on the video, and it’s so warm and fuzzy!  Currently, I’m making a small bag out of worsted weight yarn for the big balls that I can never fit in one of my little bags that I always use!  🙂  I almost made the blanket in this video, too, but it would have taken quite a bit of yarn.

I love arm knitting, and it is a bit addicting!  😉  Hope you like it as much as I do!