Book Idea Jar


So, I know in my last post I said that I would post more about the caramel sauce, but I forgot to take pictures, so I have something else today.

This was a fun idea I saw on Pinterest.  A jar filled with slips of paper with books that you want to read on them. So, if you get a book recomendation, you can just scribble it on the paper and throw it in the jar!  That way you won’t forget about it, like I usually do.

I used the same jar from my post about the Painted Mason Jar.

That’s it; a short post today.  Enjoy!




Hey guys, 

Today I recovered a clipboard, and it went well, so I shall post about it.  ūüėõ

It was really easy, once I removed the paper that was previously covering it.  First, I covered it with a piece of cardstock.  It is a bit hard to see with the bad picture, but I did have to glue an extra sliver on the left side.  However, I did not bother to do the very top.

Then I did the same on the back, though I covered the whole thing.

Next, I covered it in contact paper.  I didn’t have a big enough piece, so I did have to piece it together a bit.

And some gold washitape on the bottom…

…and on the clip.  I traced the shape on the tape, then cut it out and used Mod Podge to glue then on.

And that’s it!

I hope you guys like it!


After reading through this post, I realized that I am writing a little more formally.  I never use the word ‘shall.’  It’s because I’m reading a book set in the midevil times, and the more formal language is starting to make an impression! ūüėČ

Macrame Plant Hanger

Hey guys,

So, I’ve gotten into a little gardening lately, and I found a macrame plant hanger I made in an art class a few years ago. ¬†It wasn’t super cute, more of an outside thing. ¬†So I made a cute one… ¬†Here’s ¬†what I did, but it’s probably worth looking up some other tutorials.
1 . ¬†Cut eight pieces of string that are longer than you think you need. ¬†YOU DON’T WANT TO RUN OUT.

2.  Tie your strings together in a knot at the top.

3.  Seperate the pieces into four groups of two.

4.  Figure out how far down you want your pot to hang.

5.  Tie the two strands of each group together in a double knot.  Tie them at the spot you want the top of your pot to hang.


6.  Once you have done that to all four groups, spread each string out.

7.  Take two strings next to each other and tie those in a double knot.  The two strings have to be from different groups.  I think I did mine about a half inch down from my first knot.

8.  You will have one string on the outside on both sides.  Tie those in a knot so it is now circular.


9.  Continue with steps 6 and 7 until it is big enough for your pot.  You can kind of measure it as you go.

10.  Tie the ends in a knot at the bottom

Ok, now that I’ve gone over how to tie the knots, I’m going to tell you how I finally managed to make mine. ¬†I had to do it upright, so I taped the knot at the top to the ceiling.

That way, I was able to see how it would look when it was hanging. ¬†Whatever you prefer…

 Well, I hope you actually understood most of that, and let me know if you have any questions or comments!


Washi Tape Frames


These are super cute frames that I used to put around art on my dry erase board.  A little hard to get straight, but they turned out great!




This one’s the hardest. ¬†As you can see, some of the edges don’t meet, but it’s a good idea.



This next one is simple, but cute.  I just made a square and cut the corners off.



And this knees the most simple.  Just a square around the picture.


There you go!


Washi Tape Clip


Here’s a fun one for you!

First, cover the outside of your clip with you washi tape.¬† It’s hard to get it up to the edge, so I clipped it on something to make it easier.



For some color, I added a strip of blue!


There you go!